Thursday, August 15, 2013

Essential Face Painting Supplies To Get You Started

One of the most popular activities to have at any event or party where children are going to attend is face painting. This is a fun way not only to provide some unique fun for the kids but also helps them explore their creativity through choosing a specific design for their faces.

If you are going to be hosting a party where kids are going to be and you want to have someone on hand to do face painting, it will be a guaranteed hit with the kids. For those individuals that have an artistic side that want to try it out there are a few things to have on hand to do it safely and properly.

Must Have Supplies

- Paints, this is key. Make sure to purchase face paint that is FDA approved for use on the face. Not all paints are created equal. Non-toxic does not mean face painting appropriate. Once you have found the correct paints, pick up a variety of colors unless you want to try your hand at mixing basic colors like red, blue, yellow, black, and white to make other colors.

- Sponges are necessary for covering large areas. Pick up a variety of sizes of makeup sponges to fit all area sizes. If necessary, larger sponges can be cut down to be more size appropriate.

- Pick up brushes in assorted sizes for different design work. #4 is an ideal option for larger details whereas #2 is better for fine details. To paint with multiple colors a 1-inch flat brush is an ideal option.

- For variety and an added touch, purchase temporary tattoos, stamps, and stencils. Temporary tattoos are a great option for those not interested in the paint and can be used on hands and faces. You can use stamps in a similar fashion. Stencils are great for doing designs that you are not confident in painting or if time is limited. Moons, flowers, and hearts are standard stencil options.

- Make it sparkle with glitter! Just be careful to get only the most appropriate size glitter that is safe for use on the face. Face glitter is only made of polyester and is FDA approved.

- Bring a mirror so the child, or adult, can see the masterpiece you have turned them into.

- Keep cleaning supplies on hand. Trash bags, towels, and access to water is required.

- Comfortable and appropriate table and chairs are necessary for you to set up your supplies as well as having a comfortable spot for you to do your face painting. Both you and the child need to have comfortable places to sit.

Face painting is a fun activity to have at any party. To do it properly make sure you have the appropriate and safe supplies to make sure you and those you paint get the most from the experience.


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