Thursday, August 15, 2013

Is Reading a Luxury or a Necessity?

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. ~Charles W. Eliot

Take a moment to think about what reading is for you? A hobby? A way to kill some time? A way to escape from the daily problems into a different world? An entertainment? An addiction? A necessity? Or all of them? For many people reading is a luxury (or at least they think so).

There are people who read every day, others read once in a month. Some people can't imagine a day without reading at least a few pages of their favorite book, for others it is a waste of time. Different people, different reading habits.

There are two types of people who think of reading as a luxury: the ones that don't have time for reading and the ones that don't make time for opening a book.

In the hectic time we are living, many people just can't find time for reading. Many work two full jobs to make a living and in their "free" time they have to care for their families. And above all, books cost some money. Should these people give up reading?

People who love books, but have no time for reading for one or another reason, could "slice up" the reading into parts. Many books are offered as a series. This way, not only busy people will have the time for reading one episode a week, but also much like a favourite TV show, readers can have something to look forward every week.

The other type of people, who think of reading as a luxury are the ones that have the time, but they don't admit that they prefer to spend it by doing something else, different then reading. These people either don't have the need to read or they just don't realize it.

Here comes the next question: is reading a necessity?

Well, we don't need books for our physical survival like food and water. Books are not placed on the bottom of the Pyramid of Maslow next to the physiological needs, that's true.

But we have also other needs like self-actualization and here is where personal growth and fulfillment belong to. Here is where reading books falls. In this sense, reading is a necessity.

We need to read books. They are informative, they can make us forget about our ordinary day-to-day problems; they can transfer us into a whole new world. They can change our perspectives, enrich our imagination, help us get to know ourselves and the world we live in better.

Is the lack of time a reason for people to stay away from books? This is a question that every person should answer for himself.

So, is reading a luxury or a necessity? Reading, at the end of the day, is a matter of priority and a choice.

Senserial Publishing offers e-books that can be read in an exciting series style, with an episode being released every week. This way, much like your favorite TV shows, you will be left hanging off the edge of your seat every week.

Thus, we would like to introduce a new way of reading eBook novels that will encourage people to read more.

An added advantage that Senserial Publishing provides is the affordability of our e-books.


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